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Precious Metals

Rare, valuable and durable, platinum is the purest of all metals used for fine jewelry. The beautiful cool white luster shows little wear, making it an ideal setting for gemstones. Because it is considered more valuable than gold - it's 35 times rarer - a stone set in platinum will cost more than the same stone set in gold. In the United States, jewelry stamped with "PLAT" must be at least 90% pure platinum to earn the mark. 14k or 18K YG: Gold (Yellow): Diamonds, Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry at American Diamonds Forever

Yellow gold ranges in color from a soft yellow to a bright rich golden hue. The differences between 18K and 14K are due to variances in the alloy combinations.

Example of yellow gold alloy combinations:
  • 14K yellow gold (.585): 58.5% fine gold, 29% copper, 12.5% fine silver.
  • 18K yellow gold (.750): 75% fine gold, 15% copper, 10% fine silver.
  • 14K or 18K WG: Gold (White):
White gold (not to be confused with silver) is essentially silver in color. The addition of nickel in the white gold alloy combination gives it a unique tone.

Example of white gold alloy combinations:
  • 14K white gold (.585): 58.5% fine gold, 23% copper, 12.5% nickel, 6% zinc.
  • 18K white gold (.750): 75% fine gold, 2 % copper, 17% nickel, 6% zinc.
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